Tuesday, May 24, 2011

chicken tortilla soup

Simple Chicken Tortilla Soup
1 deli roasted chicken (or 2 broiled chicken breasts)
2 14-oz. cans chicken broth
1 15-oz. can chopped tomatoes and green chile peppers, undrained (a Del Monte product, not the 10 oz. Ro-Tel - it's MUCH hotter) (or substitute a can of diced tomatoes and a can of chopped green chiles)
1 11-oz. can whole kernel corn with sweet peppers, drained (Mexicorn)
1 small fresh jalapeño pepper, seeded and finely chopped
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 cloves minced garlic
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro (optional)
1 tablespoon lime juice
Tortillas chips with lime or regular tortilla chips, broken
Remove chicken meat from the frame of the deli-roasted chicken. Shred enough of the meat to measure 2 cups; set aside.
In a large saucepan combine chicken broth, undrained tomatoes, corn, jalapeño, cumin, and garlic, Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in shredded chicken. cilantro, and lime juice. Heat through. Top individual servings with tortilla chips, avacado, rice, shredded cheese, etc. to liking.
Makes 6 servings